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8:17 PM EST

To Whom It May Concern:

Morgan State University has been an institution that is known for its excellence. However, over that past several years Morgan has turned into somewhat of an urbanized (Ghetto) high school! This is not good! This is my second semester attending Morgan, and I feel that I could have made a better selection in my quest for higher education. But, I'm not giving up on Morgan yet. If we as a people don't support our HBCU's who will? I just hope Morgan doesn't give up on me.

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12:11 PM EST

dre147...I am a 1998 graduate and I can tell you that
You are probably not too different than a lot of other students around you with your thinking. With regard to it being "somewhat of an urbanized (ghetto) high school", consider that about 65% of the enrollment is MD residents. With those numbers, a lot of those students probably went to school together and have actually brought their high-school behaviors with them. Out of state folks are immature also.

Are you from MD? If so, you could actually be experiencing a situation where you are seeing folks that you may have seen in your high school, at a some game between different high schools or perhaps in your neighborhood. You may just need a change of scenery.

With that said, keep your faith and spirits high. Although the students play a major part in your overall college experience, remember that when college is over, what you learned in college is what will likely get you through. (Of course, it would be good to have great college memories.) If however, you feel like you are not getting a quality education, it might be time to go with plan B!

Stay strong. You are not the only one to feel that way. Many before you have and many after you will!
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Willie B. Hall

2:32 PM EST

My Brother, as a student that attends the oldest public hbcu in the state of Georgia, (Savannah State University) I can tell you that I totally understand your opinion and concerns!

I could post a lot of things about the issues I have with my institution and some of the, students, faculty, administrators, alumni etc....However, I will tell you that if you feel that way there are others attending your institution that feel the same or similar.

From being a student I can tell you that after you have stated the problem the next step is to find out what you can do to start change and how to enact those methods. I use the word "start" because one has to understand that change will not come over night (within four years of pursuing your undergrad degree. However, the things that you began to address will benefit future generations.

Many of the things that student leaders have addressed years before me are now just seeing resluts throught out my college career. Things take time.

We all know that things are not right at a lot of HBCU's (or any institution for that matter. because theres always room for improvement). Focus your attention on how to go about changing those negative things.

Join organizations on your campus that are doing positive things (sga, naacp, fraternitys, etc...). If you can not find one where you feel you can make a positive impact, CREATE YOUR OWN! Attend the presidential forums (if you guys have them if not theres something you can work to create), have a good relationship with your administration and the sga.

Above all remember that we as students can sit and complain but if your not out there trying to make things better you are part of the problem! Stay encouraged! (check out an article I wrote for my schools paper "students are still not respected at ssy" www.thetigersroar.com)
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