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12:06 PM EST

I'd first like to say that The Spokesman is a great paper! The hard work and dedication is obvious. I know that you have an Entertainment section in the publication, but I think that it could cover a few more events. It would be great to see on-going coverage of on-campus entertainment and events such as events that come out of Theatre Morgan and The Fine Arts Department. Also, many out-of-state students complain that "there's nothing to do in Baltimore!" Covering cultural events in this city would be a wonderful addition. Baltimore has so many wonderful Theaters, Museums, Poetry houses and Cultural Events, many of which are free. I believe that it is very important for our students to also have a Cultural Education.

Keep up the great work!
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11:35 AM EST

I think that your comments were well enunicated.

I concur that cultural exposure/education should be taken seriously in the scheme of things concerning personal development/career enhancement.

I feel that people are less inclined to have a narrow scope on race, class and culture issues.

The Spokesman should diversify its outstanding journalism to be inclusive of other minority and, in general, cultured news/events.

Students/Faculty/citizens of Baltimore are consistently thinking out of the box. The world is now demanding leaders of a digital economy worldwide.

Fashion Sense News/ Urban Business/Highlights of MSU top undergrad/grad students.
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4:30 PM EST

I would like the Spokesman to an article on Gen. William "Kip" Ward. A Morgan State Grad who is going to be the first Commanding Officer of the newly formed AFRICOM.
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10:50 PM EST

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4:05 AM EST


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4:06 AM EST


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4:08 AM EST


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